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Super Receptionist is an interactive voice response system which is a smart automated response structure, used by companies to automate and improve current telephone interactions with customers over voice. It not only receives or distributes calls; it can do a lot many things you may not even imagine .

Business Benefits of IVR services

» Automating Processes
» Customers are greeted with professional recorded IVR message
» Calls can be forwarded to department or mobile employees
» Reduce man-power time spent
» Real time access to detailed call logs, call recordings and more
» 2 min setup, no hardware required, save up to 70%


Toll Free Numbers ( 1800... )
   Allow customers to call your business free - increase inquiries, improve campaign response.

Local Numbers of Your Choice
   Give Your Customers Comfort of dealing with a Local Business.

Vanity Numbers ( eg. 9990009000 or 9810010000 )
   Eye-catching numbers that your customers can easily remember.

Number Portability
   Use your existing number with Super Receptionist.

International Toll Free ( 1888..., 1877..., 1866..., 1855... )
   Be closer to your international Customers.

Local Number of Foreign Countries
   Give your customers comfort of dealing with a local business.

Professional Greetings
   Project a image of professional & big company.

Multiple Extensions
   Give impression of a large company with multiple departments.

On Hold Music
   Keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold.

   Allow multi-party conferences between employees and clients without having to purchase a separate software.

After Hours Support
   With Super Receptionist your business can gear up to handle customer calls - 24x7.

Never Lose Business Lead
   Never-Lose-Business-Lead. In the world of business - perception is reality.

Call Forwarding
   Stay connected with your customer with advance call forwarding among offices, departments & agents.

Fax On E-mail
   No need to keep physical fax machine for receiving faxes. The incoming fax is captured and sent to your email as a PDF attachment.

Call Recording
   Record conversations for quality, training and record keeping.

Call Transfer
   Stay connected with your customers irrespective of physical location.

   Notify Customers and Employees on SMS/Email every time a call comes.

Mobile Apps
   Track all your business leads and get control of all communication to your organization through a dashboard on mobile phone in real time.

Call Logs
   Keep track of all calls made to your business.

Online Administration
   Get control of your business- Anytime, Anywhere.

   Stay connected even if you cannot take a call.

Automated Voice Response System
   Enhance customer experience by making information available 24*7.