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Pay per click ads are the audience-targeted ads that are shown as sponsored ads when you type in a search word on sites such as Yahoo and Google. Properly done, PPC ads put your small business PPC promotion in front of your targeted audience with specific products, services, or information they are seeking. A well-designed ad campaign requires time devoted to keyword research, budget planning, strategic bidding, and compelling ads designed to encourage your targeted audience to click on your ad rather than a similar offer. Each time your PPC ad is clicked on, it costs you money so the key is to take time researching keywords and keyword phrases that will bring in consumers most likely to purchase your goods and services. If all this sounds like a lot of work, you may wonder why use PPC ads rather than traditional advertising. PPC ads get you information in front of consumers at the time and place they are seeking information. On-line shopping continues to rise and an online store that uses a well-researched and designed PPC campaign will see an increase in traffic and conversions to sales.